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Commercial Remodels FAQs

What type of commercial remodels have you done?

Office spaces and assisted living facilities.

Will you work outside of our office hours?

Yes, our office hours do adjust to meet the client.

Will you work with us on the design of a commercial remodel?

Yes we work with architects, architectural design, and client.

Bathroom Remodel FAQs

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

Depending what the remodel entails.

What are common bathroom remodel request you get?

Yes, our office hours do adjust to meet the client.

Will you provide a free estimate for a bathroom remodel?


Kitchen Remodel FAQs

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Depending what the remodel entails.

Do you handle all the electrical and plumbing on a kitchen remodel?

Yes, anything we do not do we will subcontract out and take care of for you.

Will you help us on the design phase?

Yes, We want to make sure your dream kitchen remodels comes to life and if design is not your strength we have you covered.

Are you able to knock down walls for an open concept layout?

Yes, depending if the walls that are to be removed are load bearing or not. If the area is load bearing then an engineer will have to inspect the area and will recommend what size beam that will be required, most of the new beams are set up into the ceiling to achieve a full open concept.

Do you offer free estimates before starting a kitchen remodel?


Whole-Home Remodel FAQs

Will you demo down to studs?

If the project requires, we will move existing sheetrock and replace it.

Will you be able to create custom layouts?

Yes, we want your visions to come to life when doing a full home remodel.

Will you handle the whole home remodel from start to finish?

Yes, we work along side with any other trades that may be involved to accomplish the end goal.

How long does an whole home remodel take?

This depends on the square footage of the home and what needs to be done. An estimated time frame will be provided.

Are you able to do this in phases so that we can still live in the property for most the remodel?

We will do what is needed to provide a living space if necessary, but most home owner don't want to live in a construction area even though we use dust control filters they don't always filter all of the dust.

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